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Enhancing the potency and security of data transmission

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Trusted by Global Enterprises and SMEs is BugDazz, which secures applications the organizations rely upon to run their business.

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Remediating zero vulnerability to remediating 50 vulnerabilities in Quarterly PenTest.

Scaled and Improved Security Program Without Investing Million Dollars

Program Overview:


The Challenge

Client satisfaction has always been our ultimate goal. That is exactly how health care client signed up for SecureLayer7 after they acquired a review through one of the former clients. When health care client onboarded SecureLayer7 as a security partner, it was a massive opportunity for SecureLayer7 to identify critical-to-low vulnerabilities within their business application where the line of work is running.


The Solution

Daniel, the principal Security architect at health care client has quite a strong background in the domain of cybersecurity. Daniel was utterly impressed with SecureLayer7's BugDazz platform. With BugDazz, Daniel was able to schedule a Pentest, real-time track of reported vulnerabilities and eventually initiate a remediation procedure.

Using the BugDazz platform, SecureLayer7's pentesters and Daniel were able to cut short the time and the money budgeted for.


The Result

Healthcare company used BugDazz-generated Pentest reports for rounding out with the HIPPA compliance. PaitentPing now has a successful Pentest program and is scaling the Pentest program to the next level as we speak.

Using the BugDazz platform, SecureLayer7's pentesters and Daniel were able to cut short the time and the money budgeted for.


“Your able to extract another record of the Patient through the very obscured way. Indeed not any record, only a few records.”

By Daniel Reich

  • Principal Security Architect

BugDazz Built for you


You are a Security lead or CISO taking a shot at the security postures of the crowned jewels applications. The security team finds it a tough gig to handle all the app sec tasks in view of the workload. You are quite irked and frustrated.


You realize that your company has recognized some experienced developers and consultants who have quite the expertise, throughout various teams in the development and they are attempting to drive and entrench strategies for application security.


You have tried and tested with third-party pentesting organizations earlier, but the end results every time indeed up being a check-list scan, that has no relevance to business logic vulnerabilities. This arose thoughts about enhancing the application security posture more than ever.


No one is to blame here. The thing about most organizations is that though they mean well, and try their best, they still tend to lack the appropriate platforms and skilled pentesting resources.


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Advance Pentest as a service (PTaaS) for today’s needs


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Traditional Penetration Testing Modern Penetration Testing
Real time vulnerability view Bugdaz Bugdazz
Platform Delivery Dashboard, PDF
Remediation Project
On Demand Schedule
SDLC Integrations JIRA, ServiceNow
Global Largest Pool
Dedicated project manager
Dedicated Lead
12 Month Portal Access
Collaboration with team
Discovery of Critical Vulnerabilities 1x 5-10x

Here’s what is going to happen when you onboard Bugdazz PTaaS Platform


Fast Remediation

Remediation of the vulnerabilities can be done parallelly.


10x Vulnerabilities

10 times more vulnerabilities can be identified as compared to the previously performed pentests.


Recorded Proof of Concept

To understand the vulnerability and its impact better, the proof of concept will be available on the platform in the form of videos.


On Demand Reports

You can finally get rid of that PDF file delivery at the end of PenTest


Quick Compliance

Finally, annual compliance submission will be done in time, leaving no failures to report.


Smart Filters

Using the sliced and diced vulnerability information, you will feel more confident, empowered, and motivated than ever.

How does BugDazz Penetration Testing as a Service Helps?

it’s secure, easier, better, faster.


Real-Time Access to Vuln Ticket

No Lock-in for reports, you can access tickets once vulnerability found. Parallel you can start remediation.


Gartner Assessed Pentest Report

Reports Aligned with tough Compliance Standards.


Fast remediation Validation

No more manual request for fix verification. One Click and fix verification will be scheduled.


Staff Collaboration

Assign your developers or internal stakeholders for immediate access.


Vetted Pentesters

Access to the global verified pentesters.


Manage Multiple Vendor

Multiple vendors can work on one Pentest Program.


Penetration Testing Services



Web Application, API, and Mobile Apps PenTest


Internal and External

Web Application, API, and Mobile Apps PenTest


Desktop/Modern Application

Windows, Linux, MacOS Binary and Electron.JS applications PenTest.

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Compliance for your Business

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